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The Simple Guide to Foreclosures

Simply Foreclosures was designed to help you with the basic methods of investing in foreclosures without a lot of hype and promotion.   The essential thing you need before beginning to invest is information about the basic process, and some idea of how to proceed.  The foreclosures information on this site is here to help you get started in a niche you may find interesting.  It is not intended as a comprehensive course on purchasing foreclosures or pre-foreclosures, but a primer to get you started with common terms, techniques and opportunities.  Most major metropolitan areas have real estate sections in the larger bookstores, you can find books about foreclosures for less than $30 that will have much more detailed information on specific techniques.  The Resources section on this site has links to foreclosure and real estate discussion boards where you can ask questions on anything you don't fully understand.

Best of Foreclosure Investing Success!   

The Foreclosure Information section contains articles about what foreclosures are,
how to go about making an offer, understanding comparable values in real estate, analyzing the costs of resale, judicial vs. non-judicial foreclosure, and much, much more. 

The Foreclosure Resources section has links to discussion boards specializing in foreclosures where you can ask questions and receive answers, definitions for words commonly used in real estate, links to county property records, free real estate forms, state foreclosure procedures and additional resources you are sure to find helpful.